Malik, a Syrian child collects unexploded munitions for scrap and sells them to support his family north of Idlib Province. Malik wishes to return to school but is concerned that one of the shells will explode in his face while he is doing his work.

Source: original content in Arabic)

Additional My Story Episodes:

By Islam Atrash

The Libyan authorities have kept the bodies of 700 ISIS fighters in nine refrigerators at the Ministry of Interior in Misrata under strict protection. Not only are the refrigerators unfit for this purpose, they are also afflicted with frequent power outages. The Libyan authorities complain of the…

A young Palestinian man breeds a variety of snakes, including extremely venomous ones, at his home in Jerusalem.

Mohammad Nasri Hajji,19, has followed his childhood passion of breeding snakes. His goal is to acquire and raise them at his house.

Source: ( Original content in Arabic)

6-year-old Maryam left her studies to find what work she could.. picking bay leaves from the mountains near her home. This is the story of Maryam’s lost childhood and her dream of returning to school.

Source: Aljazeera( Original content in Arabic)

He picked up a lifelong passion for reading as a school child. Now, as an adult, he sells books for a living. This is the story of Khaled Shatweyeh’s 35-year passion for books and reading.

Source: Aljazeera( Original Content in Arabic)

To pay for his parents’ medicine, 13-year-old Alaa left school to rummage through garbage for items he could sell. This is his Alaa’s story.

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