The indigenous people of this region are Azeri peoples, and the main products of the village are honey and tree fruits such as walnuts, almonds, apricots, and apples.

Mohamad Rahman Bour

A house inside the only inhabited rocky village in the world (Al-Jazeera)

With conical houses and beehive-shaped doors and windows, one of the world’s most unique villages lies northwest of Iran…

Faleh broke the rule of creativity and innovation, and was able, through his innate art, to form paintings that differ from the ordinary

Faleh immortalized the international basketball player Kobe Bryant with the largest hair drawing on the stadium (Al-Jazeera)

May Rabiei


BAGHDAD — Without any brushes or paint, and on the floor of his small shop in one of Baghdad’s neighborhoods, Hussein Faleh, a men’s…

A 24-hour, teacher-less, unscheduled programming and coding school set up by OCP Group to meet the country’s technological expertise needs.

Mariam Altaidi


Nicknamed “Silicon Valley” synonymous with the term high-tech companies, it is a unique university institution, its distinction begins with its name “1337” or as its pioneers pronounce…

By Sana Al-Quwaiti

Muhammad Oti draws one of the paintings with tea and saffron-soaked water (Al Jazeera)

The use of tea and saffron was a method adopted by the sheikhs of the Ait Ben Haddou tribe in the past to exchange secret messages. Their grandchildren have turned it into an art form that is special to the region.

Mohamed Oti, a Moroccan young man…

The Syrian woman, Saba, is struggling to trace her husband who is in the prisons of the regime (Al-Jazeera)

Souheib Khalaf — North Syria

In the morning, Saba says goodbye to her only eight-year-old child to go to his school, while she goes to another school where she works as an educational counselor.

Saba is not accustomed to life in the northern countryside of Idlib, where she has lived…

A Palestinian worker waits to enter a hole at the wall in the Hebron area in the southern West Bank (Al-Jazeera)

Atef Douglas — Nablus


Days after receiving treatment at the governmental hospital in Tulkarm (northern West Bank); The young Muawiyah Al-Ayesh returns to his home in the city of Nablus; To complete his treatment, after he was shot by the Israeli occupation forces last week while crossing the road…

Destruction, reconstruction, destruction. Israel’s raids on Gaza severely damaged more than 10,000 housing units, of which 800 were completely destroyed (Anadolu Agency).

Raed Musa — Gaza


For the second time, Palestinian journalist Alaa Shamali and his family taste the bitterness of homelessness, as a result of an Israeli airstrike that destroyed the apartment building in which they had moved after the destruction of their home in the Shujaiya neighbourhood, east of…

Algerians pride themselves on celebrating their female new-borns as much as males, if not more

Fatma Hamdi — Algeria


The popular proverb in the Algerian East says, “The father of a girl is blessed,” because girls can be a source of sustenance. Some families celebrate female babies as well…

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