A former detainee in the prisons of the Syrian regime documents pictures of his executioners in arabesque

Omar Youssef — Northern Syria

After years of detention in the prisons of the Syrian regime, Abd al-Razzaq Tawil creates Arabesque images of his torturers in his town in the Idlib countryside. He is hoping that those who have tortured him will obtain a fair trial.

Abdel-Razzaq (46 years) learned the art of drawing in the arabesque technique in Damascus and, after that, was able to move to Lebanon and Jordan with his experience in drawing with colored stones, where he succeeded in holding several exhibitions of his drawings.

Abd al-Razzaq was arrested in the Syrian capital, Damascus in 2012. He was subjected to various forms of torture in his prison with his detained comrades. The torture caused him to lose the ability to have children after leaving prison. That period of time became part of his memory — and a picture of his executioner was imprinted on his mind.

Today, Abd Al-Razzaq is training his fellow detainees who have survived the hell of the regime’s detention centers by drawing. The team he assembled is called “Hames” (whisper), inspired by the method of talking inside the prison. He is seeking to organize an exhibition that embodies the tragedy of the Syrian detainee from the time he entered prison until his eventual release.

Source: Aljazeera.net (Original Content-Arabic)