How to Make Stupid People Famous?

Hammam Yahia

“Stop making stupid people famous” is most commonly used on social media. As such it stands as evidence to a widespread whining among its users for social media has allowed many average people to become famous.”

Conversely, it is imperative to address an audience embracing a particular trend of thought. Some trend follower, for instance, await a poet or a playwright to speak for them, or want him/her to be their theorist or thinker. When a person steps in to fill the void, he or she will find supporters already waiting for him/her no matter how competent or capable he/she is.Thirdly: Advocates of Positivism and SuccessThese types of people do not follow any ideological or intellectual denomination or school. They simply are a group of people who preach positivism all the time and see the good side of everything, looking at the glass half full. In their lives, they encounter no fundamental problems or disorders besetting the human race. Problems –in their view- stem from the defective way of our looking at things.Life, in the way which these people see it or try to convey their understanding of it to their followers, is a cycle of unabated success.As such their marriages are ideal, so are their divorces all of which are divinely predestined and blessed with covert kindness and wisdom.The books they read are all useful; the films they watched deserve to be seen by everyone; their children are highly intelligent and their friends are perfect. They will never befriend a cunning person or a mean one. They are always invited to feast with the best ever friends on earth. You may also be invited to enjoy seeing food recipes on Instagram.They disseminate inspirational love stories and delightful success stories, particularly after temporary setbacks. All these instances consolidate their vision of life, but it is difficult for many people to resist this way of life. That is why they attract a large following.Fourthly:Talk about Marriage, or let it about SexI do not agree with those who think our communities treat sex as a taboo. Those who say so –I believe- tend to echo orientalist ideas without proper scrutiny. No doubt that our communities used to add an aura of fear and privacy to sex and treat it as a ritual or an art not as a science or a topic for public discussion.Of course marriage is more than just sex. Yet, talking about marriage, more often than not, is meant to suggest sex.Imagine if you happen to see a book titled “Secrets of Marriage” on a bookstore shelf, you will observe that a major part -if not the most important one of it- is dedicated to sex. But if you see a book entitled “Secrets of Sex”, you may expect it to be cheap eroticism.Most talk about marriage on social media is so popular because sex is at the core of it. This is particularly evident among the religious people.Fifthly:Making of a starPost modernism movement tends to shy away from configuring culture into high value and low value. Culture in all levels and manifestations is valued highly in the Arab world. Magazines and publishing houses until recently were few and used to maintain rigid standards. The publication of a book was a rare event for not everybody could be given the opportunity to have his article, book or poem published.Things have thereafter changed dramatically well before the advent of the social media era.The birth of a star is no longer confined to the artists, actors and craftsmen. Now even the common people have become main contributors in making stars. I totally disagree with those who believe that mediocre stars are imposed upon the public. The relationship between the audience and a star is a complicated one. But the audience tends to elevate those who feel they represent him.



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