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Al Jazeera Digital Project




Mansy is an animated character created by Al Jazeera to keep pace with the lived realities of young Arabs. Part social commentary, part news, the viral videos give representation to the marginalized and poor, and those deprived of the power to meaningfully participate in top-down patriarchal societies. Through short, viral videos (usually one minute or less), Mansy seeks to cut through the fray of verbal commentary to create a non-narrated space where Arab youth may discover their voice.

Goals & Objectives

Mansy creates a safe space to descipher complicated politics and social challenges, post Arab Spring. The non-narrative element leaves the interpretation to our audiences and, sometimes, takes aim at the governments, thieves, corporations and ‘influencers’ seeking to manipulate people through media.

Results & Impact


Anas Fuda Manager of Online | AJA Online Department

Logo Design: Madyan

Composting: Osama Sewilam

Animation: Ahmed Gad

Creative Director & Sound Effects: Mahmoud Kortobe
Project Coordinator: Maram Gad

Character& Design Illustration: Yasser Salahedin

Typography: Anas Anany, Yasser Salahedin

Art Director & Producer: Abdelkhalek Mohamed

Project Supervisor: Abdulla Altahawy

Source: (Original content in Arabic)



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