Mansy-Social Media Lies
Jan 9, 2023


“Lying is no longer a rare exception in our countries because repeating those lies made them look like the truth!” Waceni Larej

Mansy-Audience cheat

“It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled” Mark Twain

Mansy- Migratory spirits

“We live in a country where there are millions of immigrants just by intention, while others left this place with their souls and left their bodies moving among the crowds as if they were dead bodies” Yousef Zeidan

Mansy — Poor planning

“It's not your bad luck, Its their poor planning”

Mansy — Civil War

“One of the most significant tactics of sparking civil wars, is convincing every party, that the other one is a threat to the country, to religion or to society” Mamdouh Adwan (Human Animalism)



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