Moroccan Young Man Draws the Desert with Tea and Saffron

Muhammad Oti draws one of the paintings with tea and saffron-soaked water (Al Jazeera)

The Legacy of Ancestors

In his workshop located inside the Kasbah, Muhammad spends his days painting. Tourists visiting the city represent an opportunity to introduce this art to the world. It is an art that he and other young people in the town practice.

Muhammad Teaches the Local Art Form

Muhammad tells Aljazeera that seven years ago, he bought the workshop from Lahsan Fertal, who taught him this technique. He spent a period drawing on paper until he mastered this art form.

The Kasbah As an Archaeological Treasure

The Citadel or Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou is a tourist destination for Moroccans and foreigners from all over the world. It is an 18th-century fortress built on a fortified plateau overlooking a valley. It is an important monument, classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

Tourism and Photography

Families try to preserve their homes by renovating them from time to time. They open them to tourists who learn about their lifestyle, the lives of their ancestors, and connect with the culture of the place and its people.



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